BSidesBUD2022 – Workshop Registration STARTS NOW!

Hi Folks, registration for #BSidesBUD2022 Workshop sessions starts NOW! This year we provide the following 5 different workshop sessions (one of them is held ONLINE via Zoom, as the speaker could not travel to Budapest):

  • 09:00 // IoT Hacking for Beginners – Zoltán Balázs
  • 11:15 // One Smali Step for Man, One Big Step for Researchers (ONLINE) – Gabriel Cirlig
  • 11:15 // Introduction to Less Popular Web Attacks – Péter Zsíros
  • 13:30 // PIC Your Malware! – Sebastian Feldmann & Tjark Rasche
  • 15:45 // Cryptoanalysis Challenge & Tutorial – Éric Filiol

You can register for the workshop sessions at the following url:
Registration CLOSES TOMORROW (25th May) at 4.00 PM! So make sure to register until then if you want to participate in a session!
Please register for a session ONLY if you have a valid ticket and you can take part for sure because there are only a limited amount of places in each session. (Only ticket owners will be able to join the sessions)

Please read the workshop descriptions carefully and be prepared for the course!

See you on Thursday!

Best regards,
BSidesBUD Crew

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