Barnabás Horváth

  • Barnabás Horváth

Short biography:

Barnabás Horváth graduated from university in 2021 as a computer engineer. He has been in the IT security scene for quite some time unprofessionally, and for the last 3 years professionally as well. He’s been an active CTF player and co-leader of one of Hungary’s highest ranking CTF teams, active in the IT security community, and a full-time pentester at a competitive Hungarian company for 2 years now. At work he experienced a really wide range of IT security related tasks and tests, like testing lots of web- and mobile applications, infrastructure, AD, special 5G systems, SAP, VoIP, hardening tasks and auditing. OSINT is a part of these tests and investigations most of the time, usually it’s part of the recon phase during testing, so it’s something which is heavily used during his work.